4 tips to fight the flu

It’s that time again - blankets are out, mugs of lemon and ginger on standby and that scratchy feeling at your throat lingering, telling you to slow down or risk being hit with a full fledged cold, or worse, the flu. With a particular interest in proactivity, it’s my pleasure to bring you my best 10 tips to avoid the winter cold - enjoy. 

  1. Sleep. Immune function is dependent upon quality sleep: a study published in Archives of Internal Medicine found individuals sleeping less than 7 hours were 294% more likely to develop a cold compared to those sleeping at least 8 hours. Suppressing natural killer cells and interleukin-2 molecules, these two players detect abnormal substances and eradicate them if deemed harmful. Conversely, quality sleep optimises the function of these immune components, allowing you to evade bugs accordingly.
  2. My garlic and Indian spice broth. Firstly, garlic - termed an immunostimulant, it heightens the activity of the entire immune system. It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, anti-paracidic and anti-carcinogenic; as published in the Journal of Immunology Research. Translated, it’s a weapon for protection against cold, flu and any other bug to come knocking at your door; and similarly, should be your first go-to meal as soon as you detect yourself feeling a little off. To create this soup, chop up a hand of fresh garlic and combine with warming Indian spices like cumin and turmeric - they are equally powerful in preventing your flu. Top with a little coconut milk and drink up - it’s delicious.
  3. Steamy showers and baths: a study in Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine reported that stress, tension, anxiety, depression and fatigue were less likely for those who bathed rather than showered. Loosening up congestion, a bath helps detoxify the body: which when riddled with bugs, is helpful. Not only that, it accelerates the movement of healing nutrients throughout the body - so take one after you enjoy the broth (above) and see your body come alive.
  4. Vitamin C Supplement: we all know that vitamin C is the go-to micronutrient to arm you against the flu, so this is a natural inclusion. My pick is Medlab Manuka-C: rather than a straight vitamin C, it’s combined with glutathione and zinc - enhancing immune function and overall healing, as well as maximising absorption rate. For those who think that the higher the dosage of vitamin C the better - remember that it’s a water soluble vitamin, so unless you absorb it you pee it out. Having a nutrient combo which optimises digestion by your body is key - hence the recommendation of Medlab’s Manuka-C here. Available to purchase online, at Priceline, TerryWhite and other leading health stores and pharmacies.

Written by Olivia Arezzolo

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