All about Curcumin, the orange pigment in Turmeric

Popular since the advent of golden lattes, Curcumin, the orange pigment within turmeric, is the newest superstar on the supplement plate - and with good reason. Renowned for its help for those suffering pain in conditions such as arthritis, under-reported benefits of Curcumin include it’s capacity to improve memory and pain. And here’s the research to prove it. 

1. It restores the 48% loss of memory cells experienced with insufficient sleep:

Lost your keys again? You’re not alone - most people, under the pressure of looming deadlines and insufficient sleep, are suffering memory impairments. As a consequence of lack of sleep, the brain has a buildup of the neurotoxin beta-amyloid, contributing to memory loss. However, with Curcumin up your sleeve, you are protected: researchers in Life Sciences found that under sleep deprivation, there is a 48% loss of cells relevant to memory; however; curcumin was able to reverse this impact. They termed the supplement to be ‘neuro-restorative’.

2. It reduces pain, stiffness and improves physical functionality.

Relevant for anyone suffering a debilitation or injury, recognising that one of the key benefits of curcumin is its capacity to reduce bodily inflammation. A recent study found decreases in pain from 16.6% to 7.3%, stiffness from 7.4% to 3.2% and physical limitation from 56.6% to 22.8% over an 8 month period, with no negative side effects.

3. It modifies the release of serotonin and dopamine

So it’s helpful for mood too. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences notes that Curcumin modulates the release of these happiness hormones - with the capacity to naturally boost your levels of feel good hormones.

4. It’s usually difficult to absorb.

As quoted in by peer reviewed journal Biofactors: ‘one of the principle limitations for curcumin is it’s limited bioavailability and poor absorption’. This means that your golden lattes may not be serving you with the intended benefit you desire – Curcumin, to be effective, has to be specifically formulated to be used by the body effectively.

You can increase absorption of curcumin by 30-fold with correct supplementationMedlab’s CurcuGuard 500 delivers curcumin to you in a clinically designed format which increases absorption by 30 times over - as demonstrated by clinical research.

    Written by Olivia Arezzolo 

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