Exclusive Interview with Luis Vitetta

Recently, Retail Pharmacy interviewed Medlab’s very own Director of Medical Research, Luis Vitetta, who gave an exclusive insight into his journey from academia to the hands-on field of creating NanoCelle technology and undergoing clinically based study projects. 

Retail Pharmacy's Exclusive Interview:

Professor Vitetta, tell us a little about your background.

I’m currently the Director of Medical Research at Medlab Clinical in Sydney and Adjunct Professor with the University of Sydney, Faculty of Medicine and Health. Over several decades I’ve built up expertise on probiotics/ human microbiome and mucosal immunity, undertaking numerous clinical trials and investigating the epidemiology of nutritional medicine.

Between 2007 and 2013, I was the director and associate professor of the Centre for Integrative Clinical and Molecular Medicine at the University of Queensland, Faculty of Medicine stationed at the Translational Research Institute (TRI) at the Princess Alexandria Hospital in Brisbane. I’m a graduate of the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Medicine, where I studied the epidemiological and aetiological factors of biliary disease.

In 1987 I studied medicine at the National University of La Plata Medical School in my country of birth, Argentina. A mid-career success in 2008 acknowledged my chief investigator role when I was the recipient of a National Institute of Complementary Medicine grant for the NICM Collaborative Centre for Transitional/Preclinical and Clinical Research in Nutraceuticals and Herbal Medicines at TRI. This success afforded me the opportunity to seriously investigate the role of probiotics and other medicinal foods in nutritional medicine.

You are now Director of Medical Research at Medlab Clinical. What does that involve?

I oversee all of Medlab’s laboratory and clinically-based research projects, which now spans almost a nine-year effort. We’ve produced numerous functional medicine products based on probiotics, prebiotics and nutraceuticals that are available in pharmacies across Australia.

Tell us about Medlab Clinical’s NanoCelle technology that you have helped develop?

What does the technology entail? The delivery of an active molecule to a target tissue is the method or process of administering a pharmaceutical compound or other to achieve a therapeutic effect in humans or animals. Medlab’s patented submicron particle (NanoCelle) technology development adheres to this axiom by relating generally to transmucosal (routinely administered via the oral and/or nasal routes) and transdermal delivery systems and methods for making such delivery systems.

Medlab’s NanoCelle strategic development demonstrates:

  • The ability to be transferred to multiple routes of administration.  
  • Biocompatibility with a standard orally delivered medications.
  • Target tissues of specific sites or cell populations.
  • Release in a predetermined manner, degradation within an acceptable period of time, speed in absorption.
  • API protection against deregulation.

It’s therefore beneficial to produce formulations that can be absorbed transdermally or via the oral and/or nasal mucosa – for example, via the highly vascularised oral-buccal mucosa, such that the vitamins, minerals or APIs are provided with direct access to the body’s systemic circulatory system via, for example, the facial lymphatics, thereby bypassing the gastrointestinal tract.

Find out more about NanoCelle 

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