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Welcome to Medlab HQ, the beating heart of our entire company. 

How do we deliver such high-quality products each and every time? When we say ‘More Science’, we really mean it. Our PC2 (Physical Containment 2) lab is fully equipped to conduct the highly specialised research needed to create our products.

Usually only found on university campuses, PC2 labs have restricted access in order to facilitate research that is carried out to the highest standards possible. The lab is staffed by a collection of qualified PhDs and researchers.

It’s no small feat to get an approval for a PC2 lab, but at Medlab we’re happy to do it because we believe that we can only create the best if our processes undergoe the most rigorous testing and measure up to the highest standards possible.

With a collection of world class scientists, researchers and other fabulous humans, we work together to deliver the best kind of nutraceuticals to allow everyone to be the healthiest versions of themselves possible.

Written By Georgia Bell

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