Myth Busting: Common Vitamin Supplement Myths

Is good health important to you? If so, you're definitely not alone. And yet maintaining a healthy lifestyle can often seem like a full-time challenge.

When it comes to getting the vitamins and nutrients you need to live your best life, sometimes you need a little help. After all, you can eat a healthy diet, complete with fresh vegetables and protein, but that might not be enough. Perhaps a vitamin supplement is what you've been looking for.

This article takes a look at common myths about vitamins and vitamin supplement side effects. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on why you shouldn't be afraid to take the right vitamin supplement for you.

You Already Get Enough Vitamins and Minerals From Food

Do you enjoy good food? Well, join the club! But even the healthiest foods won't necessarily provide all the vitamins and minerals that your body requires for a healthy and happy life.

It's also important to keep in mind that fruits and vegetables are only as nutritious as the soil they were grown in. In other words, if your food was grown in nutrient-poor soil, the lack of quality nutrients will be reflected in the quality of your food.

Don't misunderstand, good fruits and veggies are a crucial part of a balanced diet. Just be aware that every individual is different and always speak to your healthcare professional before introducing a new vitamin or supplement into your routine.

Every Brand of Supplements is the Same Quality

Many people make the mistake of believing that every type of supplement is the same. After all, the label on the product tells you it's some kind of miracle cure, right?

Well, this is definitely a big fat myth.

In fact, when it comes to supplements, every brand offers a different level of quality. That's why it's important to use quality products that offer proven results. You don't have to spend a fortune on vitamin supplements, but you typically get what you pay for. 

The key is to invest in products that are evidence based and provide the nutrients your body needs most.

Vitamin Supplements are Totally Unnecessary

In a perfect world, you could eat whatever you wanted, never exercise, and drink your favourite adult beverages all day long. Unfortunately, that's just not the way things work. At least if you want to live a long life and avoid breaking the bathroom scale!

Maintaining good health takes a bit of work and discipline. And sometimes your immune system can use a little extra boost.

That's where vitamin supplements come into the picture. They fill in the gaps where healthy foods, exercise, and other healthy practices aren't quite adequate.

Perhaps you've gone through most of your life believing vitamin supplements are unnecessary. And yet you will likely be pleasantly surprised how much difference adding the right supplements to your diet can boost your health, improve your mood, and put a little extra spring in your step.

Vitamin Supplements are Super Expensive

Don't fall for the myth that quality vitamin supplements aren't affordable. Keep in mind that quality supplements are an important tool for maintaining optimum health, thus possibly reducing the number of visits to the doctor, potential risk of serious medical issues in the future.

In other words, you can pay a little now or pay a lot later.

A Single Multivitamin is All You Need

As stated previously, every individual has different needs. A product that might be right for you won't necessarily meet the health needs of someone else. Talk to your doctor. Do plenty of research. Experiment a little to see what seems to work, and then make adjustments and proceed accordingly.

Vitamin Supplements Should Be Taken On An Empty Stomach

This is another popular myth that has been around for many years. You might think that your body will absorb supplements better when taken an on empty stomach, but this could actually end up making you nauseous.

Although many vitamins are water-soluble and can be taken any time of the day, vitamins A, D, E and K are fat-soluble and should be taken with food that contains fat as they are fat soluble.

Double-Up If You Miss a Day

If you happen to miss a day, that doesn't mean you should attempt to make up for it by taking a double dosage the next day. This is because your body likely won't be able to store the extra vitamins and minerals, and will simply secret extra dosage instead.

A Guide to the Myths About Taking a Vitamin Supplement

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be complicated. The key is to maintain a healthy diet, get plenty of exercise, spend quality time with loved ones, and to find a vitamin supplement that is approved by your physician. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about how we can help you live a healthier and happier life.

This article does not represent a product description, nor a summary of therapeutic indications of any of Medlab’s products. If you are interested in a Medlab product, please read the product label or the product information published in the product section prior to purchase. If you are unsure whether a product is right for you, please talk to a healthcare professional.

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