It’s not just WHAT you take, but HOW you take it

Supplements can be taken can be taken in a large variety of ways, which is great because everyone has their own preferences. More options mean more ways to take your supplements. But how do they differ?


Powdered supplements are useful because they can be added to drink, which is great for getting children to take them. Because of its increased surface area, powder is able to be assimilated into the body rapidly.


Need a quick fix? Tablets are absorbed more quickly than capsules - but not as quickly as loose powder.


Your perfectly selected probiotics need to survive the journey to your gut so you can benefit from all their goodness! Encapsulation means that sensitive ingredients can be protected before and during ingestion, thereby improving their efficacy.


But wait! That’s not all there is! NanoCelle takes a shortcut right into the blood stream via the inside of the cheek, giving it a better absorption rate than powder, tablets or capsules. 

To cap it off...

Ultimately, what you decide to take comes down to your own personal preferences and should suit your needs. Always remember, it is what is in the inside that counts, make sure what you are taking is backed by scientific research – that’s the surest way to know that it will work.

Also make sure what you’re taking is of the highest quality possible – you can be absorbing all the nutrients you like, but if the ingredients are sub-standard, it’s a pointless exercise.

By Georgia Bell

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