Stressed? Anxious? Insomnia? Lackluster skin? PMS anxiety?...

...Find out what supplement may defend them all, according to a sleep specialist.

Sorry…. Did you read that right?! You mean there is a supplement which addresses burn out, skin, sleep and stress?! Yes. You see - although manifesting in different ways, there is a central underlying cause - over-exhaustion of your adrenals and their associated hormones, like cortisol. Appreciating we live in a busy society and removing yourself from the chaos of today is not really an option, I have been researching key supplements to curtail excessive stress upon mind and body. After much research, evidence shows that magnesium is the way to go. Important to note here that under stressful conditions, the body requires additional magnesium to support your capacity to calm down, which means that even if you are having a magnesium rich diet, you may be lacking in this vital nutrient - and if you’re experiencing the symptoms below, it’s a telltale sign you very well could be.

Struggling with Insomnia?

Biochemically, magnesium inhibits the release of 'awakening' hormones like ACTH and glutamate - aka those which keep you awake, and prevents you from falling asleep. Translated, sufficient magnesium reduces the time it takes to fall asleep, and lessens your likelihood of waking up through the eve. This has been demonstrated in clinical trials, as published in the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences

Suffering from anxiety?

With the predecessors of anxiety and poor sleep often one in the same, it’s no surprise researchers reviewing 14 separate clinical trials found magnesium to be beneficial in the treatment of anxiety too. Specifically, they found it to counteract symptoms of mild anxiety against placebos (fake treatment); in some cases, after only 21 days.

PMS ruining your life (temporarily, thank goodness!)

PMS? Magnesium may be for you, researchers report.. Particularly when combined with Vitamin B6.

Stressed out of your mind?

Unable to switch off? Mind racing? Research indicates magnesium minimises the release of hormones adrenalin and cortisol which otherwise make you feel edgy. As a result, post magnesium you’re calmer, more at ease - regardless of any changes in the stress evoking circumstance itself. Think of how relaxed you feel after a glass of vino - similar, but a much healthier, sustainable solution here.

Lackluster skin

Notice your skin flares up after a big night out or a busy period at work? It’s not your imagination: researchers published in academic journal Stress found stress decreases antioxidant activity, which otherwise keeps your skin looking fresh. The solution? Magnesium shining high again, evidence pinpoints magnesium to protect against these effects.

So whether its insomnia, stress, anxiety or dull skin - magnesium is the hero to save you from your woes. And don’t just take my word for it - check out the academic research in this article so you can find out for yourself. And once you’re as certain as I am that I need magnesium on a daily basis (it’s one of the few supps I take religiously), head online to buy the best of the best – Medlab’s Mg Optima Relax. Using high quality magnesium plus a formulation which features other calmness promoting ingredients like l-theanine and glutamate, I’m super specific about the importance of this brand over others - it produces much more potent results, which is what you want, and what I want.

Written By Olivia Arezzolo


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