Stuffed as Christmas chook: managing the Xmas overload this silly season

Christmas… it’s a time of celebration and libations. So that means a lot of food and most often, a lot of drink. And going into the new year, the last thing you want is to be carrying more weight around our middle than we did in the previous year.

So, what can we do to manage our weight while still taking full advantage of the Christmas cheer?


Exercise over the Christmas period doesn’t have to be strenuous. It can be as simple as going for a walk to help digest your food. You can also help around the house doing chores or helping to clean up after the Christmas carnage. Cooking is also a great calorie-burner, using up about 100 calories for every spent in the kitchen.

Try to not go too crazy 

Yes, yes, we know that Christmas is the one day of the year where you should be allowed to let loose, but that attitude might mean you’ll have to loosen your belt as well: on average, we reportedly consume 7,000 calories on Xmas day. That’s nearly three times the recommended daily average eaten on one day.

Facilitate Healthy Digestion 

Ensuring the digestion process goes as smoothly as possible will also go a long way to making sure the food coma you fall into post-Chrissy lunch is uninterrupted by pesky indigestion. EnBiotic is formulated with digestive enzymes and multi-species probiotics that helps to support digestive function. It can assist with indigestion and gastrointestinal discomfort, so it’s the perfect thing to into your Christmas feast arsenal.   

Mindful eating

Many of us eat mindlessly. We’re not even conscious of what we are really eating and especially how much we’re eating. Instead of automatically eating something when you feel like, pause and think if you really need it or just want it. If don’t really need it, then ask yourself why you want it. Are you bored? Are you sad? Angry?

As it’s the holiday season, people are often multitasking and therefore, distracted. People who are distracted are more likely to eat more. Chew each bite of food 20 to 30 times and put your fork down after every bite. This will allow you to better recognise your body’s fullness signals and consume fewer calories.

Eat properly, even at Christmas time

Starting your Christmas day off right can be crucial to managing your caloric intake. Skipping breakfast can be your downfall as you need this meal to get your metabolism going in the morning so it’s ready to break down that massive Christmas feed later. Eating a proper breakfast will also prevent you from overeating later.

Drinking enough is also paramount. We often confuse hunger with thirst and start over-eating. Make sure to eat the right foods at Christmas. Getting protein and vegetables onto your plate means that you’ll be eating healthy, fulfilling foods that will keep you fuller for longer. Using a smaller plate and limiting your liquid calories are also little tips that can go a long way to reducing your calories.

Written By Georgia Bell

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