The 3 main causes for failing your NY resolutions and how to avoid them

You’re doing it for the wrong reasons

This is why so many weight loss goals fail. Is the weight you want to lose for health reasons or is it because you think you should lose weight? It’s a good idea to really have a think about what you want to achieve and why. If you’re committed to a goal that truly benefits you it’ll be easier to find the motivation to keep doing it.

It’s extremely vague and undefined

Here’s an example of a common goal set: “I want to get really healthy this year”. What defines ‘healthy’? It’s a very broad goal as it can mean a lot of different things to many people.

Try breaking it down into smaller goals

“Remember to take my supplements every day” – simple, achievable, realistic. There’s no plan in place for how to achieve your goals So, you want to remember to take your supplements. How are you going to go about getting there? Don’t rely on your memory, it has let you down too many times before! Hey siri… set a reminder to take my supplements everyday! Easy.

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